Transportable solar powered tables | Charging of several devices | Access Wifi


Solar Picnic Table with power, wifi, and lights

Solar Powered Tables

---Remote Power---ShadeCharger equipped concrete picnic tables for outdoor spaces.

Enjoy  the outdoors with no strings attached. Now you can charge your camera or phone while out in the wild. No need too lug extra batteries on your next trip.

            Robust enough for rugged outdoor sites. 

            Ideal for outdoor sports & recreation sites.

            Charge electric scooter in active use area.

            Provides lights & speakers for outdoor cafe lounging

Solar provides power for USB charging of mobile devices.  110V outlets are available at table surface to power equipment like computers, audio sound system and TV's.  Ideal for outdoor sports and recreation sites.  Can support multiple simultaneous charging of several mobile devices.


Yosemite Datasheet Link    Yosemite Purchase Link     Yosemite Dimension Drawing


Cafe 1 Datasheet Link     Cafe 1 Purchase Link     Cafe 1 Dimension Drawing


Standard features include:

  • Two 110V and Six USB outlets
  • Bluetooth controlled Speakers
  • 2400lb picnic table
  • 600W solar array
  • Concrete support pedestal
  • 300W power module
  • 1400Whr lithium battery
  • Dual LED surface lights.



Optional features include: Cellular data modem, WiFi router, Host controlled internet access package.

(Patents Pending 2018)

Solar Cafe Table with power, wifi, and lights