On Feb 8, the ShadeCharger install team began installing multiple Cafe-1 tables in student activity areas of El Camino College in Torrance CA. The ShadeCharger tables are configured to provide daytime and evening power for the student’s mobile devices, like laptops and cell phones. ShadeCharger tables are fully self-contained, including solar panels, batteries, security lights […]

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design chooses ShadeCharger’s Yosemite solar-powered picnic table to provide students and guests a convenient outdoor worksite. Users have 120vac outlets for laptop power, and 4 usb outlets for mobile device charging. Security lights automatically light table surface at night. Solar modules+battery provide autonomous power with no utility connection

Even horse activities require mobile power at picnic tables. The 2019 Horse Expo at Murieta Equestrian center provided access to mobile power and internet to event participants.

ChadeChargerTM table is desired for mobile device charging power and internet access to ease the pain of endless hours of practice and games.

The first concrete picnic table was custom build for our   ShadeCharger™ is being delivered.  It weighs more than 2000lbs, built from a custom concrete mixture, cast over a large steel rebar frame. 

The initial prototype of the Anytime Battery was the genesis of the ShadeCharger™ concepts. The initial prototype used prismatic lithium batteries and simple MPPT charge controller.

The second generation ShadeCharger™ prototype was built using the initial manufactured components. The unit was mounted on the backside of a solar panel module that provided charging current for the battery. Battery capacity and Battery Management System function were verified using mutiple heat lamps as the electrical load.  These tests revealed the need to change […]

Today the first solar array was constructed by Alex using custom designed solar panels. The first support structure was significantly over-designed and construction was very time consuming.

The solar array was mounted to the 4″ steel pole and inserted into the table and base pedestal. Outlets were added.  Now the Power Module needs to be added in order to see everything work together.

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